Reseller Package


This is the most common model. You buy bulk SMS from wholesale dealers usually called gateways or providers or aggregators then you resell it for profit to your end users.

For instance you can buy at N1 and resell at N2 thereby making a 50% profit or thereabout.


Advantages of the Reseller Package

a. Large body of buyers – The main advantage of this model is that there’s a large market for it. Most Nigerians searching for bulk SMS service have it mind to buy SMS from you at the prevailing price. As long as you can deliver their SMS on time, they will patronize you.


b. Sizeable profits margin – The profit margin can range from 20% to 50% or even more depending on your pricing strategy.


c. Recurrent income – Once the amount your customers subscribe for finishes, they will buy again. You don’t have to work so hard again to get them to buy.


d. Can be automated – With an online payment system in place this model can be easily automated. That means labour-intensive processes are taken away from humans and handed over to the computer thereby saving you a lot in time and money.


e. Easy and quick – What can be easier and quicker than buying bulk SMS at a reduced, wholesale price then reselling it to an already existing customers or prospects who are already actively searching for the service?


Attracting a lot of clients is where the major work lies in running a bulk sms reseller business. You could do both online and offline marketing in order to get new clients. The more clients you get, the more you should work hard in trying to retain them since they're likely to remain with you for the long term if they feel satisfied.


Who really needs bulk sms? Any group, society, organisation or business that deals with people as it allows them to communicate more effectively with their members via the mobile phone sms service. Bulk sms is a growing tool for mobile marketing in Nigeria.


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320, odusami str, behind excellence hotel, ogba, lagos.

Free Units: 1000 free units 

Website Development: 11,000 Naira
Domain Name: 3500 per year
Web Hosting: You pay 2,500 Per year for a web Hosting account. This hosting package should be enough to power your business until your website grows big.
Total: 17,000

SMS units at a reseller price of 77 kobo/unit


Once your payment is made, please send the following information to us by email:

1) Your proposed bulk SMS domain name.

2) E-mail address.

3) Telephone Number(s).

4) Your Contact Address.

5) Quantity range and prices that you want to be selling your bulk SMS for each quantity range.

6) Your Bank account details you want your customers to pay into.


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